Hazardous Waste Manifesting - Webcast

Price: $129.00 per person
Length: 2 Hour Webcast
Category: Hazardous Waste Management
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When you sign hazardous waste manifests, you make a declaration that the shipment has been offered correctly. Avoid costly mistakes by learning the proper way to prepare and maintain your manifest, and prevent the most common problem: an inaccurate DOT basic description.  

During this webcast you will learn which manifest to use for hazardous waste, universal waste, used oil, precious metals, and recyclable wastes. You will also learn how to determine the DOT basic description, exception reports, discrepancy reports, and emergency response information. In addition, special designations for hazardous substances (RQs), generic shipping names, marine pollutants, and inhalation hazards will be discussed. 

The course handbook, Hazardous Waste Manifesting, is included as a downloadable document.

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