Solvent Wipe Rule - Webcast

Price: $129.00 per person
Length: 1 Hour Webcast
Category: Hazardous Waste Management
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This new rule will provide significant new exclusions for shop towels and wipes, provided you manage them correctly. In this webcast, you will learn:

  • Does the rule apply to both cloth and paper wipes and rags?
  • What solvents can be on the towels, and which are prohibited?
  • Does the rule also apply to towels that contain characteristic hazardous waste?
  • Can P or U-listed wastes be on the towels?
  • How must the towels be stored on-site?
  • Do they need to be tested for anything?
  • How long can they be stored?
  • How must the containers be marked or labeled?
  • How must they be prepared for transportation?
  • Where can you ship them and what are the disposal and recycling options?
  • What are the documentation requirements?
  • How is the new rule impacted by current state regulations?

Attend Environmental Resource Center’s Solvent Wipe Rule webcast and get the facts you need to comply with the new rule.

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