Limited Quantity Marking Requirements under IATA -

Limited Quantities of dangerous goods are granted relief from some of the packaging and marking requirements that larger quantities of dangerous materials are subject to. For example, under the IATA regulations limited quantities can be shipped in good quality combination packages that meet the construction requirements in Subsections 6.1 and 6.2 of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), but these containers need not be marked and tested in accordance with the requirements of 6.0.4 of the DGR. To determine if an air shipment is a limited quantity, find the proper shipping name of the material in column B of the List of Dangerous Goods and then refer to quantity limit in column H.

Limited quantity marking requirements are different for air transport under IATA in comparison to DOT, IMO and ADR transport requirements. Transporting hazardous materials in limited quantities under DOT, IMO and ADR, requires that you mark the package with the UN number surrounded by a diamond shape. As an alternative, the DOT also permits that you have the option of marking only the proper shipping name.

IATA requirements differ in that there is no alternate to the diamond shape and UN number marking. In addition to all of the markings required for fully regulated shipments of dangerous goods, the shipper must also mark the words ˘LIMITED QUANTITY÷ or ˘LTD QTY÷ on the package.

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