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EPA’s Proposed New Standards for Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals

EPA has proposed new flexible rules at 40 CFR 266 Subpart P for the management of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals at healthcare facilities, long-term care facilities, pharmacies, retail stores, and reverse distributors.


The rule will prevent the flushing of more than 6,400 tons of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals annually by banning healthcare facilities from flushing hazardous waste pharmaceuticals down the sink and toilet.


Attend Environmental Resource Center’s live, online session where you will learn:

  • The difference between creditable, non-creditable, and evaluated pharmaceuticals – and who must make this determination
  • How the new rule will impact your hazardous waste generator status
  • New “empty” definition for unit dose containers, syringes, and other containers
  • Conditional exemption for DEA controlled substances
  • Requirements for on-site storage
  • Waste container management and labeling
  • Accumulation time limits
  • Sewer disposal prohibition
  • Authorized disposal and other management options
  • Impact of the new rule on household collection programs
  • Manifest and alternative transport tracking documents
  • Recordkeeping requirements
  • Requirements for reverse distributors


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1 Hour
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Hazardous Waste Management
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