Environmental Resource Center’s safety and environmental consultants offer a full range of expert services to help you comply with federal and state environmental, safety, and transportation regulations. With civil fines exceeding $100,000 per day and criminal fines in the millions, you can’t afford to ignore the EPA, DOT, and OSHA regulations that apply to your facilities. And with the ever-changing state and federal regulations, it is challenging to keep up to date without assistance.

Contact us today to learn how our safety and environmental consultants can help you address your compliance challenges in any of these areas:

By conducting a thorough facility assessment, Environmental Resource Center’s safety and environmental consultants at will provide you with an audit report that will identify areas of potential non-compliance that you can address before an EPA, OSHA, or DOT inspection. Under EPA’s audit privilege policy, EPA and many state environmental agencies can reduce or even waive penalties for violations that are voluntarily found, reported, and corrected based on an environmental audit.
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Your permits contain specific and general conditions, references to the DOT, EPA or OSHA regulations, and adoption of commitments made in your application. Let our environmental consultants ensure that you are in compliance with all permit conditions. Our environmental consultants can also assist you in applying for new or modified permits to reflect your current and anticipated operations.
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Hazardous Materials / Dangerous Goods Classification
Shipping a hazardous material or dangerous good that is not properly classified, marked, labeled, and documented can result in stiff fines. With more than 16,000 entries in DOT’s Hazardous Materials Table, determining how your product is subject to the regulations can be challenging. Moreover, relaxed regulations apply for certain hazardous materials, but only under specific circumstances. Our environmental consultants in the domestic and international regulations for the transport of hazardous materials will help you not only determine which products you ship are (and are not) subject to the regulations, but also how to comply with the regulations.
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SARA Title III Compliance and Reporting
If you use OSHA hazardous chemicals, extremely hazardous substances, or Section 313 toxic chemicals at your facility, you are required to comply with the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA). Let Environmental Resource Center help you determine your reporting requirements and develop your Tier II, Form R, and Form A reports.
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Safety Data Sheet Development
Environmental Resource Center’s staff develops safety data sheets (SDSs) designed to meet OSHA and GHS requirements while effectively protecting the health and safety of workers who use hazardous chemicals. We strive to ensure that your SDSs are complete, technically accurate, in the new 16-section format, and in language that the target audience can understand. We can generate new SDSs for your products or convert existing MSDSs into fully compliant SDSs.

Plans and Procedures
EPA, OSHA, and DOT require a vast number of written plans and procedures. Environmental Resource Center can evaluate your facility to determine which are applicable to your operations, and then develop the required plans and procedures for you.
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EHS Program Management
Outsourcing some or all of your environmental, health, and safety responsibilities allows you to focus on your core business while reducing operating costs and increasing compliance. We can provide you with continuous or on-demand on-site support. Team members at your site will be backed by the full support and training of the entire Environmental Resource Center staff.
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