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How to Ship Batteries by Ground and Air - Webcast

If you ship batteries by ground or air, you must comply with stringent DOT and IATA regulations on how batteries are classified, packaged, marked, labeled, transported, and identified on shipping papers. The rules apply not only to batteries, but also to equipment or vehicles that contain batteries as well as batteries packed with equipment. Many batteries are regulated, including lithium ion and metal, wet batteries (e.g., lead-acid), and sodium. There are packaging and reporting requirements for dry batteries such as nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and alkaline types.


According to 49 CFR 172.704, all personnel involved in the classification, packaging, marking, labeling, or shipment of fully regulated batteries must receive initial and recurrent training.


At this live, interactive webcast, you will learn:

  • How DOT and IATA/ICAO rules impact your battery shipments
  • How to comply with the latest requirements for preparing and shipping batteries by ground and air
  • How the requirements vary based on battery type: lithium, wet, sodium, or dry
  • Mandatory packaging, marking, labeling, and documentation procedures
  • New labels and marks for lithium batteries by ground and air
  • Shipping descriptions for batteries
  • How to use Watt-hour ratings to classify lithium ion batteries
  • Exceptions for batteries, including small lithium and non-spillable batteries
  • Requirements for damaged, defective, and recalled batteries


This course meets both DOT and IATA initial and recurrent training requirements for personnel responsible for the shipment of batteries.


The course handbook, How to Ship Batteries by Ground and Air, is included as a downloadable document.


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