SARA Title III Compliance and Reporting

If you use OSHA hazardous chemicals, extremely hazardous substances, or Section 313 toxic chemicals, you are required to comply with SARA Title lll, the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA). Let Environmental Resource Center help you determine your reporting requirements and assist you in the reporting. Over 25 years of environmental compliance experience makes us highly qualified to assist you in completing all of your Tier II, Form A and Form R reports.

Background and Records Review - Environmental Resource Center will determine which reports you are required to submit annually based on your uses and releases of hazardous, extremely hazardous and toxic chemicals.

Emergency Planning Requirements - If you are a new facility or if you have just begun to use hazardous or toxic chemicals, we can assist in the written notification to the state emergency response commission, the designation and submission of a facility emergency coordinator to the emergency planning committee and outline the benefits of acting as a member of your local emergency planning committee.

Community Right-to-Know Reporting - We will determine whether you must submit safety data sheets to state and local authorities, if Tier II inventory reports apply to your facility and which reports you must complete to comply with local requirements. Based on your site's needs, we can develop and submit these reports for you for both current and prior reporting years.

Emergency Notification Requirements - We will determine when releases at your facility must be reported, your requirements for continuous release reporting, who to contact to report a release and which reports you need to file in the event of a spill. We can also help you determine if any prior releases should have been reported.

Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (Form R) Report Requirements - We will determine if your facility must comply with the annual Toxic Chemical Release Inventory reporting requirements and complete your Form R or Form A reports. We can submit them directly into EPA's TRI-ME database or develop the data necessary for submission by your personnel. We'll also let you know what records need to be kept and for how long.

Automated Reporting - Environmental Resource Center can automate your chemical inventory reports or import your current records into our software to facilitate rapid completion of your SARA reports year after year.

Contact us to find out how Environmental Resource Center can help you confidently navigate compliance and reporting for SARA Title III.