Safety Data Sheet Development

Environmental Resource Center's staff develops safety data sheets (SDSs) designed to meet OSHA and GHS requirements while effectively protecting the health and safety of workers who use hazardous chemicals.

We'll ensure that your SDSs are correctly prepared in the GHS 16-section format and using language that the target audience can understand. We can generate new SDSs for your products or convert existing MSDSs into fully compliant SDSs. Our services include:

  • Authoring SDSs for new products
  • Updating SDSs for existing products
  • Generating SDSs to meet localized requirements for Canada, Mexico and the European Union
  • Ongoing monitoring of regulatory reqirements and new health hazard data to ensure your SDSs are updated as new rules or data are available.
  • Generating information needed for hazardous chemical product labels, such as pictograms, hazard statements and precautionary statements


Contact us today to find out how Environmental Resource Center can help you organize, improve and maintain the SDSs for your workplace.