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How to Ship Dry Ice by Ground and Air

To transport packages containing dry ice by ground or air, you must comply with stringent DOT and IATA requirements.


Environmental Resource Center’s computer-based training gives you the skills you need to ship dry ice by ground and air—and fulfills IATA’s initial and recurrent training requirements for shipments of dry ice.


In this interactive course, you will learn:

  • Hazards of dry ice and how to protect yourself from them
  • How the requirements for air and ground shipments differ
  • How to properly package, mark, label, and document shipments of dry ice


You can complete the online training anytime or anywhere you have access to a computer. Interactive activities and quizzes make the training fun and engaging. And, Environmental Resource Center’s Answerline™ is available at no charge for any questions you have during or after the training – for up to one year.

All of our online training modules require a web browser that supports the use of audio and video playback.  When taking the training, web browser settings such as ad-blockers and pop-up blockers should be disabled.

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