Tips of the Week Archive

Date Title Category Action
July 6, 2015 EPA Restricts Use of HFC Refrigerants Environmental View
July 6, 2015 How Safe Do Employees Feel at Work? Safety View
June 29, 2015 EPA Strengthens Underground Storage Tank Requirements Environmental View
June 29, 2015 OSHA Adds Key Hazards for Investigators’ Focus in Healthcare Inspections Safety View
June 22, 2015 EPA Uses Cutting-Edge Technology to Evaluate Chemicals for Human Hormone Impacts Environmental View
June 22, 2015 California Lists Ethylene Glycol as Known to Cause Reproductive Toxicity Safety View
June 15, 2015 New Exclusions for Solvent Recycling and Hazardous Secondary Materials Environmental View
June 15, 2015 Prevent Heat Illness for Workers in Rising Temperatures Safety View
June 8, 2015 NOAA Analysis Says Data Show no Recent Slowdown in Global Warming Environmental View
June 8, 2015 OSHA Urges Employers, Workers, and Homeowners to Protect Themselves During Flood Cleanup Safety View
June 1, 2015 New Rule Clarifies What is Subject to the Clean Water Act Environmental View
June 1, 2015 Updated OSHA Guidance on SDS and Label Enforcement Safety View
May 25, 2015 Ethanol Refining Releases more Pollutants than Previously Thought Environmental View
May 25, 2015 Foundry, its Owner and Consultants Found in Contempt for Not Allowing OSHA Inspection Safety View
May 18, 2015 Enviro-Safe Refrigerants Were Not So Safe Environmental View
May 18, 2015 Toolkit to Protect Workers from Transmissible Diseases Safety View
May 11, 2015 Supreme Court to Decide Fate of EPA Mercury Rule with Billions at Stake Environmental View
May 11, 2015 Nitrite in Combination With Amines or Amides Reconsidered for Carcinogenicity Safety View
May 4, 2015 New Rule Strengthens Safe Transportation of Flammable Liquids by Rail Environmental View
May 4, 2015 OSHA Issues New Confined Spaces Standard Safety View
April 27, 2015 EPA Updates SPCC Self Certification Environmental View
April 27, 2015 Aloe Vera to be Listed as Carcinogen Safety View
April 20, 2015 EPA Proposes to Expand List of TRI Chemicals Environmental View
April 20, 2015 Fall Prevention Saves Lives Safety View
April 13, 2015 EPA Eliminates Hazardous Waste Exclusion Environmental View
April 13, 2015 Amended Heat Safety Regulations in Effect May 1 Safety View
April 6, 2015 Pretreatment Standards Proposed for Unconventional Oil and Gas Wastewater Environmental View
April 6, 2015 Comprehensive Database of State OSHA Regulations and Laws Now Available Safety View
March 30, 2015 EPA Proposes TSCA Requirements for Nanoscale Materials Environmental View
March 30, 2015 Health Risks Found in Chemical Used for Paint and Coating Removal Safety View
March 23, 2015 EPA Proposes Mandatory Electronic Reporting for New Source Performance Standards Environmental View
March 23, 2015 OSHA to Revise PPE Standards Safety View
March 16, 2015 TSCA Reform Bill Introduced Environmental View
March 16, 2015 Serial Violator Faces Contempt Charges and $400K Fine Safety View
March 9, 2015 What’s in Your Wine Bottle? Arsenic, Cadmium, Hazardous Waste? Environmental View
March 9, 2015 Court Bans Contractor for Refusing to Abide by OSHA Standards Safety View
March 2, 2015 New Public Health Goal Adopted for Perchlorate in Drinking Water Environmental View
March 2, 2015 Styrene to be Listed as Carcinogen Safety View
February 23, 2015 DOT Extends Compliance Deadline for New Lithium Battery Rules Environmental View
February 23, 2015 OSHA and NIOSH Issue Hazard Alert to Protect Workers from Silica Exposure Safety View
February 16, 2015 EPA Releases Stormwater Climate Change Toolkit Environmental View
February 16, 2015 DNA Testing of Herbal Supplements Show Some Pose Unacceptable Health Hazards Safety View
February 9, 2015 EPA Proposes to Revise VOC Definition to Exclude Common Solvent Environmental View
February 9, 2015 Ashley Furniture Faces $1.76 Million in Fines for More than 1,000 Worker Injuries Safety View
February 2, 2015 EPA Plans to Transform How it Works with Industry and State Agencies Environmental View
February 2, 2015 Post Annual Work-Related Injury and Illness Summaries Now Safety View
January 26, 2015 Automotive Industry to Reduce Copper in Brake Pads Environmental View
January 26, 2015 Safety Data Sheet Deadline is Approaching Safety View
January 19, 2015 EPA Proposes to Strengthen Plans for Response to Oil Spills Environmental View
January 19, 2015 CSB Releases Safety Bulletin on Anhydrous Ammonia Safety View